About Us

Standart Pompa ve Makina Sanayi TİC. A.Ş. produces high-quality, durable and environmentally friendly pumps ans systems since 1957. We started our journey as Turkey's first hundred percent domestic pump manufacturer. In the meantime, we crossed borders and started to export our goods by developing international sales network.

Since the first day we begun, our main ambition is to serve with respect to humankind and nature. We provide true and effective solutions with high quality and reliable products. We feel the responsibilities of our time, and we are so proud to act accordingly as we follow efficient, environmental friendly and sustainable philosophy in production.

With our technological development, we continue to contribute to the sector as well as leading it. We raise our investment for R&D department to produce distinctive and excellent products. With our more than half century experience and steady success since three generations, we feel confident to look ahead.

Today, not only in Turkey but all across the globe, Standart Pompa products are widely used in areas where the liquids need pressurizing from industrial process to petrochemical industry and from agricultural irrigation to general purpose, water supply, and from sewage disposal to treatment. Pump groups optimizing system efficiency, fire fighting systems and pressure boosting units are manufactured and approved by international organisations in the pump industry.

Standart Pompa products are being used in international projects in various countries such as Germany, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Greece, Russia, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines and Sri Lanka.

Standart Pompa continues to serve with closed area production facility of 22000 square meters and 4500 square meters management building, as well as 150 dealers and 100 technical services. We hope to continue to provide reliable products supported by after sales services at home and abroad without compromising quality and credibility.