Fire Pump Electric Controller (UL Listed / FM Approved)

Technical Data: 

GPY type electric motor controllers are UL Listed and FM Approved and offering best quality standards for safety and reliability of your fire fighting system. It's a unique product with Manual and Automatic operating modes, designed 208 to 600 Volts for 50 Hz and 60 Hz mains, touch screen and pressure/event logging capabilities.

Design Features: 

Standard Features
• ViZiTouch operator interface
• NEMA 2 assembly
• Pressure and event recorder
• Voltage and amperage display
• Single operator for both isolating switch and circuit breaker
• Surge arrestor
• Lifting lugs
• Run test push button
• Available with automatic power transfer switch
• Emergency start handle
• Start and stop pushbuttons
• Locked rotor protector
• Phase reversal indication
• Remote start / deluge valve start provision
• Pressure transducer and run test solenoid valve externally mounted
• Gland plate
• Audible alarm
• Alarm contacts for remote indication
• Available with full voltage and reduced voltage starting

Fire Fighting