Pressure Switch Operated Booster Controllers

Technical Data: 

Designed to control and protect pumping systems electronically;
• Integrated Ammeter and Voltmeter
• High sensitivity over-current protection
• High sensitivity low-current protection
• Durable against voltage fluctuations
• Pressure control
• Level control
• Over heat protection
• Sequential run
• Phase order and failure protection
• Flood level warning
• Automatic resetting on failure (limited)
• Decreased stock costs (0,37 kW – 7,5 kW with a single controller)
• Safety switch on door
• Manual-Automatic operating modes as standard (optional on single pump systems)
• ABS polycarbonate case

Design Features: 

MANUAL Run Option
• In case of failure in electronic circuit, manual operation mode offers maintainability of the system

Quick&Easy Comissioning
• Turn the adjustment screw with a screw-driver
• Follow the current on the panel
• When the required current value achieved, stop turning

Automatic Resetting Procedure
• Over and Low current failures are automatically Reset
• Incase of failure detection, motor is stopped
• After 60 secs controller reruns the motor
• In case failure still exist, stops the motor
• This procedure is repeated 3 times and still there is failure, automatic reset procedure is terminated and operator is needed to take action

Technical Drawings: 
Water Supply Treatment and Pressurizing
Building Systems
Agricultural İrrigation and Drainage