Handled Liquids: 

SNLV-H pumps are suitable for clean or slightly contaminated liquids with low viscosity

Technical Data: 
Nozzles DN 40 ..... 250 mm
Capacity up to 800 m³ /h
Head up to 95 m
Operating Temperature -10°C - +140°C*
Casing Pressure (Pmax)* 16 Bar (A and B Group) *
10 Bar (C Group) *
(Pmax : Suction Pressure + Shut off Head)
(*)The material of pump differs according to the type of pumped liquid , operating temperature and pressure. Contact our company for detailed information.
Design Features: 
  • Long coupled, volute casing, single stage, in-line, closed impeller centrifugal pump with own bearing bracket
  • Suction and discharge flanges are conforming to EN 1092 - 2 / PN 16
  • Due to back pull-out design the motor, motor pedestal, stuffing box cover and impeller can be dismantled without removing the volute casing from the pipe system
  • Axial thrust is balanced by wear ring/balancing holes system.
Shaft Seal: 
  • Single mechanical seal, flushed by pumped liquid, uncooled and unbalanced.
  • Direction of rotation is clockwise viewed from driver.
Product Designation: 
SNLV-H 100-250
Pump Type SNLV-H
Suction and Discharge Nozzle (DN-mm) 100
Nominal İmpeller Diameter (mm) 250
Power Plants
Oil Industries
Water Supply Treatment and Pressurizing
Chemical Industries
Building Systems
Food and Beverage Industries
Iron and Steel Industries
Heating Cooling Conditioning
Agricultural İrrigation and Drainage