Social Responsibility

For Standart Pompa, being a trustworthy institution is not just about designing a reliable product but also operating a comprehensive before and after sales management. Apart from designing the product, as a first step we create a healthy and respectful working environment while trying to reduce negative and environmental impacts of the factory and production activities.

We support recycling and sustainable living to protect our natural resources and give importance to reducing waste and raw material wastage rates as well as using energy labels. For both our production processes, we pay attention to choose environmentally friendly materials. In this respect, we design our products and manufacture them in environmentally friendly ways.

Our environmental awareness also calls for legal responsibilities that we are proud to fulfill. We are certificated with ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and doing periodical check-ups to improve conditions and avoid pollution.

Occupational Safety and Health

For Standart Pompa, environmental awareness is a responsibility that should be supported with respect to humanity. We constantly do rehabilitations in our production processes to reduce possible risks while looking for ways to create better and healthy working environment for our employees.

We provide regular health controls for our employees to protect them from occupational diseases and we are trying to minimize all the risks. Additionally, we are constantly inspected to see if we follow our legal obligations or certificated standards such as OHSAS 18001:2008 Occupational Health and Safety management system specification.

We continue to give educational lectures to our employees about safety at work and social life to support healthy living. We aim to contribute to the national industry by promoting safety work culture.