TH CDLF Stainless Steel Boosters

Technical Data: 
Capacity up to 110 m3/h
Head up to 160 m
Operating Temperature up to 110°C
Casing Pressure 10 - 16 - 25 bar
Design Features: 
  • CDLF pumps aresuitable for clean liquids with low viscosity
  • High pressure, quite, compact and energy efficient design
  • Completely stainless steel material in contact with the liquid combined with in-line design
  • Sleeve bearings of Tungsten Carbide
  • Space-efficient thanks to vertical construction
  • Booosters designed with single, double or triple pumps as standard. Combination up to 6 pumps also available on request
  • Level float switch (electric) is supplied with single pump boosters
  • Phase Control System is supplied with single pump 3-phase boosters
  • Multiple pump boosters utilizes sequential run, phase control and liqud level control as standard
  • Manual and Automatic operational modes
  • On Request stainless steel material;
    • Pumps
    • Pumps and Manifolds
    • Pumps, Manifolds, Valves and Check Valves
  • Variable Speed Drive (VSD) on request

Part Name Material
standard optional
Base Plate GG25 -
Casing AISI304 -
Stage Casing AISI304 -
Impeller AISI304 -
Shaft AISI304 -
Protection Cover AISI304 -
Controller Pressure Switch Controlled VSD Controlled
Manifolds AISI304 AISI316L / Galvanized Steel
Base Plate Galvanized Steel AISI316L
Valve Brass AISI304
Check Valve Brass AISI316
Product Designation: 
TH 1xCDLF 4/10
Booster Type TH
No of Pumps 1
Pump Type CDLF
Model 4
No of Stages 10
Geothermal Power Plants
Water Supply Treatment and Pressurizing
Building Systems
Food and Beverage Industries
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