TH SKMV Boosters

Technical Data: 
Capacity up to 500 m3/h
Head up to 200 m
Operating Temperature up to 110°C
Casing Pressure 10-16-25 Bar
Design Features: 
  • Multiple pump configuration (up to 6 pumps) depending on flow variations and fluctuaing demands
  • Float switch on single pump systems
  • Phase control switch on single pump systems
  • Sequential switch, phase and level control as standard on multiple pump configuration
  • Pressure controlled multiple pumps operation
  • Auotmatic or Manuel operations.
  • Electric components of high reliability, well-known suppliers
  • Variable Speed Drive (VSD) on request

Material Info
Part Material
Suction-Discharge Casing GG25
Stage Casing GG25
Diffuser GG25
Impeller Brass
Shaft AISI420
Controller Pressure Switch or VSD control
Product Designation: 
TH SKMV 50/3 B
Discharge nozzle (DN-mm) 50
No of stages 3
No of pumps (A:1,B:2,C:3) B
Water Supply Treatment and Pressurizing
Building Systems
Food and Beverage Industries