Standart Pompa is continuously expanding services in Petroleum, Oil&Gas, Petrochemicals, Energy, Mining and Iron-Steel Industries. Heavy Duty products designed to strictest standards and operational challanges are being developed daily basis. SCP-OPN pump series designed per API 610 11th edition covers many processes in Petroleum, Oil&Gas, Energy and Petrochemicals. Standart Pompa supplied 2 pieces of API 610 complaint pumps to NATO Tank Farm located western Thrace region of Turkey.

The IFAT Eurasia 2017 Environmental Technologies Fair took place between February 16 and 18 in the Istanbul Expo Centre (IFM).
The fair demonstrated the continuing importance of Turkey as a hub for the environmental sector in the Eurasian region. Attendees could benefit from insights into current trends and new developments in the environmental sector. Public Organizations, Water Autorities, Municipalites, Engineering and Construction companies and Private Sector End Users had chance to see latest inovations, products and services developed by Standart Pompa.

Geothermal is Clean, Renewable and Sustainable source of energy for power generation. JESDER (Turkish Association of Geothermal Power Plant Investors) held their first conference "GT'17 Geothermal Turkey Workshop and Congress" on 8-9 February 2017 in Ankara, Turkey. Geothermal Power Plant capacity has reached 860 MWe installed power by the end of February 2017 in Turkey and licensed plants cover 1320 MWe capacity.

Standart Pompa supports end users with Energy Effiency Services in their Sustainability commitments

Providing customer focused services in the core of its philosophy, Standart Pompa now offers "Mobile Pumping Stations" tailored to various processes. Mobile Pumping Stations comes with High Reliability, Easy to Install-Operate-Maintain and Compact Design features particuarly for Mining, Fire Fighting, Irrıgation, Building Systems and Industrial Plants. Condering Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, Standart Pompa guarantees High Efficiency in all its products and services.

ISK-SODEX 2016 being one of the biggest events in the sector took place on 4-7 March 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey. Standart Pompa was the center of attention with Premium Efficiency ECO series pumps, API 610 11th Ed.OH2 design pumps for Oil&Gas industries, HYDROPOWER Pump-as-Turbine system.

Standart Pompa was with industry experts during 15-19 June at World Exhibition Congress on Chemical Engineering, Environmental Protection and Biotechnology – ACHEMA 2015 in Germany. With the “Yaşamı Koru/Save Life” motto, booth presented especially its environmentally sensitive products that provide solutions to chemical industry at ACHEMA.

New Ecomfort series with its integrated-drive-controller offers extreme energy savings and increased comfort level. Intelligent control unit easily adapts to system demand characteristics and provides optimum pressure and flow regulation.
- High energy savings
- Easy installation and maintenance
- Compact design
- Low operating costs
- Automatic system adaptation
- User-friendly control unit

The 19th of the ICCI Conference and Exhibition, which is successfully held since 1994, will be launching at Istanbul Expo Center on April 24-26, 2013. We will be happy to see you at our boot on E108.

We will participate at Pawex, Pump-Valve-Treatment Systems Expo, which will be held on 2-5 May 2013.

İstanbul Expo Center Hall-9-10