Standart Pompa gave a training about Reliability in Fire Pumps, Pump Selection, Cavitation Problems in Centrifugal Pumps, Material Selection and Piping Design Criterias in Bandırma Plants of AB Foods Inc. who is her way to keep a constant growing rate together with new investments.

Although 80% of the world covered with water, only 2.5% of it consist of potable water.

Every human being have a responsiblity to protect and reproduce the potable water resources.

Standard Pump Works for preservation of natural resources, reduction of pollution and sustainable life.

You can also turn off a tap for World Water Day, with reviewing your water usage habbits. Make your investment to the water, make your investment to the future.

Happy World Water Day!

Do you have high temperature and high pressure apllication? We have a special pump that has 1700 m3/ h flow rate, head up to 140m. It is called SCP-HT, Centerline Mounted Pump.

This product, which specifically designed for hot water applications up to 230oC, also has ISO 2858 heavy-duty design. It is ideal for pumping clear or slightly dirty low-viscosity fluids, that do not have solid particles and fibers. All its dynamically balanced in accordance with ISO 1940 Class 6.3.

As being the pioneer company of pump industry and Turkey’s first pump manifacturer, Standart Pompa has given training on pump selection, operation and maintenance in November 12 2012, in Çatalağzı Thermal Power Plant. Applied field lectures were made on installation design and maintenance practices. Training was held with participation of 14 people from different departments(Business, FGD, water treatment).

Menderes Geothermal Power Generation Inc. Who established Dora 1, the first geothermal power plant in Turkey, preffered Standard Pump in its new power plant, Dora 3.

Turkey is one of the very lucky countries in terms of geothermal resources. The number of geothermal power plants that are established for clean, renewable and environmentally friendly energy production is increasing day by day.

4th National Energy Efficiency Forum, which is organized in order to promote energy culture in the society and improve efficiency and environmental awareness, took place at 32nd Energy Efficiency Week, in Wow Convention Center. Within the framework of 32nd Energy Efficiency Week activities, the forum and the fair are organized by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the leading names in the industry came together to discuss on solutions.

4th National Energy Efficiency Forum, which will be organized in order to create a culture of energy in the society and improve the efficiency and environmental awareness, will take place at 32nd Energy Efficiency Week. Within the framework of 32nd Energy Efficiency Week activities, in forum and fair that will be organized by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the leading names in the industry will come together to discuss their solutions.

Standard Pompa continues to work with world's leading companies and produce special products according to their needs. Standard Pompa is pleased to add Cargill among its customers. Cargill is a World Wide Company which has been carrying out production and trade since 1865 in 65 countries in the food, agricultural, financial and industrial production sectors.

Standart Pompa has attracted interest of the visitors due to its exhibited products and beautiful booth in ISK SODEX 2008 International Sanitary and HVAC and R Exhibition. Moreover, Standart Pompa has been the favourite exhibitor with its products, especially NFPA Fire Groups andIn-line Pomps with Frequency Control, which has been shown in 660 m² booth area.

Also Standart Pompa has felicitated its 51. Foundation Day by delivering pastry in ISK SODEX with its all customers, dealers and private guests.

29th International Exhibition-Congress on Chemical Engineering, Environmental Protection and Biotechnology' will be held in Franfurt am Main / Germany on 11-15 May 2009.Visit our stand at Hall 8 T22-T24.