Handled Liquids: 

Domestic and industrial waste water, raw sewage, liquids with fibrous and solid substances.

Technical Data: 
Discharge Flange DN 50 .... DN 100 mm
Capacity up to 200 m³/h
Speed up to 3500 rpm
Head up to 30 m
Motor Power up to 12 HP
Operating Temperature 40 °C *
Design Features: 
  • Vertical, wide volute casing, single stage, end suction centrifugal pump with enclosed, semi-open or vortex types impeller.
  • 8 basic sizes covering wide range of operational area.
  • All impellers are dinamically balanced according to ISO 1940 Class 6.3.
  • Axial thrust is balanced by back balancing ribs.
Shaft Seal: 

High quality silicon carbide to silicon carbide mechanical seals are used between the motor and pumping liquid. By any reason if any water leakage occurs into the oil bath, the built-in monitoring system stops the motor by transmitting signals. Therefore it does not harm the motor. There are two lip-seals between oil bath and motor housing.

Product Designation: 
Pump Type C
Discharge Nozzle (DN-mm) 100
Nominal impeller diameter (mm) 240
Impeller Type B
Technical Drawings: 
Power Plants
Waste Water
Building Systems
Food and Beverage Industries
Iron and Steel Industries