Handled Liquids: 

Domestic and industrial waste water, raw sewage, viscous and corrosive liquids, liquids with fibrous and solid substances.

Technical Data: 
Discharge Flange DN 40 ... DN 300 mm
Capacity up to 1500 m³/h
Speed up to 95 m
Head up to 2950 rpm
Operating Temperature -10° Cup to 110° C
Casing Pressure (Pmax) 10 bar (16 bar*)
Pmax: Suction Pressure+ Shutoff Head

(*)The material of pumps differ according to the type of pumped liquid, operating temperature and pressure. Contact our company for detailed information
Design Features: 
  • Horizontal, radially split volute casing, single stage, end suction centrifugal pumps with enclosed or semi-open impeller.
  • 15 basic sizes covering wide range of operational area.
  • Due to the back-pull-out design, the complete bearing assembly including impeller and shaft seal can be dismantled without removing the volute casing from the piping system
  • Suction and discharge flanges conforming to ISO 7005-2/ PN10 (PN16*)
  • All impellers are dynamically balanced according to ISO 1940 Class 6.3
  • Axial thrust is balanced by back balancing ribs.
  • Shaft Seal: 

    Depending on the type of application different mechanical seals and soft packing is applicable.


    Oil lubricated or life-time grease lubricated heavy duty bearings depending on construction and request.

    Product Designation: 
    Pump Type PC
    Discharge (DN in mm) 250
    Nominal Impeller Diameter (mm) 315
    Impeller Type XX
    Technical Drawings: 
    Chemical Industries
    Food and Beverage Industries
    Iron and Steel Industries
    Oil Industries
    Paper and Paper Paste Industries
    Power Plants
    Waste Water