ErP Product Info

Product information according to European Commission's Regulation EU 547/2012

Relevant Pump Series
Water pump, end suction own bearing (ESOB) - SNT and Eco SNT
Water pump, end suction close coupled (ESCC) - SNM and Eco SNM
Water pump, end suction close coupled inline (ESCCi) - SNL and Eco SNL

1- Minimum efficiency index: MEI>=0,4
2- The benchmark for most efficient water pumps is MEI>= 0,7
3- Year of production: Please see the pump label.
4- Manufacturer’s name or trademark: Standart Pompa ve Makina San. Tic. A.Ş.
Place of production: Turkey
5- Product’s type and size indicator: Please see the pump label and data sheets.
6- Hydraulic pump efficiency (%) with trimmed impeller: see data sheets.
7- Pump performance curves, including efficiency characteristics: see documented characteristic curve
8- The efficiency of a pump with a trimmed impeller is usually lower than that of a pump with full impeller diameter. Trimming of the impeller will adapt the pump to a fixed duty point, leading to reduced energy consumption. The minimum efficiency index (MEI) is based on the full impeller diameter.
9- Operation of this water pump with variable duty points may be more efficient and economic when controlled, for example, by the use of a variable speed drive that matches the pump duty to the system.
10- Information relevant for disassembly, recycling or disposal at end of life: see installation/operating manual
11- Information on benchmark efficiency is available at
12- Information on benchmark efficiency graph is available at