Energy 2020

As the population of the world increases, the industrialization of it also increases. It is important and vital to create sustainable and reliable solutions against limited resources and energy dependence. Sustainable and low cost energy consumption can lead to better society, industry and economy. As Standart Pompa, we give great emphasis to energy savings in our products and production processes.

All around the world and across Europe, regulations and directives are leading the way for building reliable and sustainable energy systems. Energy policy of the European Union is developed with Treaty of Lisbon and various goals are set for in terms of reliable supply, competitiveness and sustainability. Standart Pompa is liable to these agreements and carefully following them from taking decisions to designing.

Corporately we specially care for energy and climate change goals of European Commission for 2020. Even though goals like %20 or perhaps % 30 decreases in greenhouse gas emissions or % 20 increases in renewable energy and energy efficiency are hard to match, they can be step by step achieved.

Standart Pompa continues to produce energy saving products from reliable supply while protecting consumers and environment with the expertise.