Mobile Pumping Stations Tailored to Your Needs

Providing customer focused services in the core of its philosophy, Standart Pompa now offers "Mobile Pumping Stations" tailored to various processes. Mobile Pumping Stations comes with High Reliability, Easy to Install-Operate-Maintain and Compact Design features particuarly for Mining, Fire Fighting, Irrıgation, Building Systems and Industrial Plants. Condering Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, Standart Pompa guarantees High Efficiency in all its products and services.
Pumps with different sizes and multiple pump configurations can be used within the system. System can be driven by Soft Starters or VSDs and can be opetated fully automatic with integrated PLC. All control algoithms including Constant Pressure, Variable Pressure, Constant Flow and Variable Flow can be provided with instrumentations, pressure transmitters, flowmeters and sensors all built-in on the mobile platform. Pressure surges are eliminated with safety valves already installed in the system. Installed vacuum system helps priming of the pumps and provides automatic air release.
Electric Motors or Diesel Engines can be used as drivers. Multiple pump configurations are run with "Equal-Aging" algorithm to increase Reliability of the system. Pumps with soft packing or mechanical seals are options depending on your operating and site conditions.

Application Areas:
- Irrigation
- Mining
- Fire Fighting
- Industrial Plants
- Building Systems
Key Features
- Energy efficient
- Protected for Ambient-Site Conditions
- Easy to Install-Operate-Maintain
- Easy to Comission
- VSD driven and PLC controls
- Flow and Pressure Control