Handled Liquids: 

Endüstriyel ve evsel ham atık sular, viskoz ve korozif sıvılar, lif ve katı parçacık içeren sıvılar.

Technical Data: 
Capacity up to 1600 m3/h
Head up to 95m
Speed up to 1450 rpm
Operating Temperature up to 95 °C
Casing Pressure (Pmax) 10 bar
(Pmax: Suction Pressure + Shut Off Head)
Design Features: 
  • Vertical sump pumps for industrial heavy duty applications
  • Column length up to 4m.
  • Corrosive liquids with fibers and particles
  • Closed, semi-open and vortex impeller design.

Clockwise viewed from motor side.

Product Designation: 
PC-V 100-270AB
Pump type PC-V
Discharge flange size(DN-mm) 100
Impeller nominal diameter (mm) 270
Impeller type AB
Chemical Industries
Food and Beverage Industries
Heating Cooling Conditioning
Iron and Steel Industries
Oil Industries
Paper and Paper Paste Industries
Power Plants
Waste Water
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