Defining New Standards for Geothermal Technology

Geothermal is Clean, Renewable and Sustainable source of energy for power generation. JESDER (Turkish Association of Geothermal Power Plant Investors) held their first conference "GT'17 Geothermal Turkey Workshop and Congress" on 8-9 February 2017 in Ankara, Turkey. Geothermal Power Plant capacity has reached 860 MWe installed power by the end of February 2017 in Turkey and licensed plants cover 1320 MWe capacity. Power plant capacity increased 50% since last year and Geothermal Power Plant investments are growing to reach 2.000 MWe by 2023. By use of low heat resources, research still going on to achieve a total installed capacity of 5.000 MWe.
Standart Pompa attended the congress and Hamdi Nadir Tural, Head of Business Development, gave a presentation regarding innovative and technological advancements in Geothermal Power Plant Pumps. Subjects covered within the presentation included but not limited to pump designs (Wellhead Pumps, Reinjection Pumps, Feed Pumps and Balance of Plant Pumps), material of constructions, operation, reliability and maintenance of pumps and pumping system.
Standart Pompa, parallel to "Save Life" philosophy, is one the main partners of Geothermal Power Plant investors supplying high reliability, energy efficient, sustainable pump system solutions tailored with highest standards and engineering practices.