HYDROPOWER Pump-as-Turbine

Technical Data: 
Capacity 30-4000 m³/h
Net Head 10-200 m
Installed power up to 1000 kW
Speed 2-4-6-8 poles (synchronous)
Design End suction, double suction, multistage
Design Features: 

Application Areas

  • Water supply pipelines
  • Water distribution networks (pressure regulated)
  • Waste water pipelines
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Indsutrial plants
  • Irrigation systems
  • Large test benches

Design Features

  • Depending on requirement single stage, multistage or double suction designs
  • Life cycle cost effective solution, better Return-On-Investment in comparison turbine systems
  • Multiple pump configuration on fluctuating flow demands.
  • Reliable and easy-to-maintain for optium long time operation
  • HydroPower Pump-as-Turbine(PaT) provides;
  • - Electric generation in isolated (off-grid) zones.
    - Pressure regulation plus electric generation on water pipelines and distribution networks.
    - Reduction on leakages and water losses

Product Designation: 
HydroPower DS - V - 200 - 4 - N
Model HydroPower
Type DS : Double Suction
Vertical Installation V (optional)
Installed Power (kW) 200
Motor-Generator Poles 4
System N (On-Grid)
Technical Drawings: 
HYDROPOWER Installation
HYDROPOWER Operation Range
Water Supply Treatment and Pressurizing
Building Systems
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